Portfolio & CV

As a Producer, my goal is to support a talented team in building fantastic products for our users, be they employees or game players. With experience as product manager, designer, and programmer in studios staffed from 5 to 100, I am ideally placed to manage a mixed disciplinary team regardless of scale.

Project Management Skills

  • Agile Methodologies particularly Scrum and Kanban
  • Product Backlog Planning
  • Sprint Planning, Planning Poker
  • Sprint Retrospectives and Postmortems​​
  • User Behaviour Analytics, informing UI, UX and economy design
  • Remote Working, even across timezones
  • Live Design Documentation
  • Market Research


  • JIRA + CONFLUENCE for Task Management, Documentation
  • EXCEL, GOOGLE SHEETS for Data Analysis, Economy Design
  • COUNTLY, FLURRY, GAME ANALYTICS for KPI and Event-based Analytics
  • SKETCH, INVISION, PHOTOSHOP for Design Mockups and Presentations
  • UNITY C#, HTML5 for Prototyping and Programming


BridgeIT logo

UX/UI Designer, User Behaviour Analyst at BridgeIT

2017 – present

Shifting away from games, I moved into B2B with BridgeIT, designing employee apps for large national and multinational corporations such as MAN Energy Solutions, Pandora, Coop Danmark and many others. My primary responsibilities included developing the analytics plan and integrating it into the design flow.

Hugo Games logo

Product Manager at Hugo Games

2015 – 2017

As Product Manager, my role was to oversee and direct the design, development and releases of our internally developed free-to-play games. I managed the team maintaining multiple games, both in-development and live, using a modified Scrum methodology.

Using market research, I directed the creation of a new world-building mobile game and supported match 3 game “Flower Flush” in the final months leading to its release. I used analytics to improve Key Performance Indicators and improve the game over time. Updates included new features, improved monetisation techniques and additional levels.

Machineers logo

Lead Designer at Lohika Games

2014 – 2015

Machineers was a premium mobile game designed to teach young girls programming sensibilities and techniques through intricately designed, unique puzzles. We produced two episodes, releasing on iOS and Android first, followed by Steam for PC.

My role as Lead Designer meant that I was in charge of level design, story, UI and UX for Machineers. I also took on a number of Producer responsibilities, including sprint planning and managing the backlog.

MovieStarPlanet logo

Game Designer at MovieStarPlanet

2013 – 2014

At MovieStarPlanet I designed a number of key features for the online social game. I designed and oversaw the development of a brand new pet feature, a new chat feature and MSP’s jump from web to tablet with a brand new app, combining features designed for web and for phone into one package.


All references can be found on my LinkedIn profile

Søren Kokbøl Jensen – COO at Hugo Games

Daryl is remarkably talented and working with him has been a rewarding experience. His great personality, easy attitude and ability to make everything feel like it flows are great assets to have.

Daryl succeeded in bringing in real motivation and enthusiasm to his role at Hugo Games, as well as injecting more life into the team with his talent and great sense of humour.

In addition to the above Daryl is a great team player with good communication skills – and he has a truly professional and broad understanding about game design and game development in general.

I highly recommend Daryl to any game development company and also hope that I get the chance to work with Daryl again in the future!

Jeppe Kilberg Møller – Studio Lead @ Hugo Games

It has been a pleasure working with Daryl at Hugo Games both professionally and personally.

Daryl has an eagerness to learn and keeps his mind open to input at all time – whether this comes from management or his team. He strives to produce the optimal product solutions and designs by staying in touch with latest trends and by engaging the people around him in the production. He has the most valuable skill a manager can have – and which hardly can be learned – people skills and a great attitude.

His eye for creating good user experiences shows clearly, and his analytical approach to problem-solving has inspired many good discussion and solutions in the time I had the pleasure working with him. I appreciate his honesty give Daryl my warmest recommendations.