After 108 hours of exploring, killing, talking, negotiating, searching, hunting, looting, riding, racing, jumping, dying, potion-making, crafting, repairing, buying and selling; I’ve reached the end of the story of The Witcher 3. It’s an incredible game, probably the “best” game…

If you think “games” are only what you find on the Xbox One dashboard or your latest Humble Store email, stick your hand in your pocket and open the App Store. Take a look. See the wonders that it can behold.

Epic Games has released Fortnite on Android, and not through the Google Play Store. Instead, they will self-host the APK on their own website, and also distribute through the Samsung Galaxy Store. There is one reason for this: they want the 30% In-App Purchase cut that Google demands.

After a wealth of bad publicity for tentpole titles over the last couple of years, it seems EA and DICE are trying very hard to generate some positive press and buzz. Can they restore player’s faith and confidence by walking back their aggressive monetization of blockbuster titles?

I often play on my daily commute, and these games need to be give me short, fun play sessions that I can come back to time and time again.

These are the Android games I’m currently playing.