Z-Powers Galore!

Akala Island has been pretty damn cool. I’ve completed the Water and Fire trials, furnishing me with Z-Crystals for my newly evolved Torracat and my Island Scan found Totodile/Croconaw. The island is unlocking beautifully, with diverse environments and lots of features for me to come back to, like the 4 player Battle Royal stadium.

One of my new favourite features in the aforementioned Island Scan. I’ve been scanning the QA Codes of Pokémon from the web to register them in the Pokédex. 10 scans a day allows me to scan one of the islands, and I’ve used it to find all three Johto starters Cyndaquil, Totodile and Chikorita which I’m training up a little and Totodile is now my team’s water Pokémon. I’ve also been catching all the Pokémon I can and Wonder Trading them to expand my Pokédex, which is now up to 46 caught types and 91 seen.

My latest find is the Poké Pelago which Pokémon stored in the boxes wander around. I’m too familiar with it yet, but checking in some wild Pokémon have appeared. It seems that maybe I’ll be able to catch them if I check in again tomorrow? This seems very much like a free-to-play mobile game feature where you plant beans, come back later and harvest them, and check in daily to see what turns up.

I’m really liking the game so far. The exploration is really nice, it feels much bigger and more filled than any games since Ruby and Sapphire. New areas are teased and are pretty nicely packed with wild Pokémon and trainers, and the Poké Rider allows you to run, dowse, surf and fly already and that really opens the world up.