Well that was a let down…

So I must have read the dialogue wrong. There were 2 challenges, not 7. I beat the first cavern of 2 Rattata and a Raticate and went to beat the Totem Pokémon: Raticate. It was a pretty big Raticate, and it called in a Rattata to assist in battle, but it wasn’t exactly exciting. I do like that some wild Pokémon can call for help, it alters otherwise predictable battles, but I think it’s going to get very annoying very quickly if it happens a lot in the wild.

So I finished the trial and went out to find that girl who’s Pokémon keeps going missing. Ended up in a new Meadow area which had plenty of Oricocio. One of them really didn’t want to be caught after spending about 15 Pokéballs and Great Balls, and it kept calling for assistant Pokémon so I ended up leaving that behind and easily catching the next one I found. It seems it can change forms eating different colour nectars, which I’m quite excited to try out. I really hope they’re plentiful, so I can change him easily.

Now I’m catching some Pokémon to Wonder Trade to see what I find.

Also, it seems there’s a new trial ahead before I’m done with the island and can move on.