Rasmus Revall Frisvad – Senior Developer @ Hugo Games

Daryl is encouraging to work with, as a project manager he gets everyone involved in the best possible way. All gets a saying and are able to contribute with ideas and concerns, but at the same time he is able to keep the project on the right course. He takes the time to genuinely listen to arguments and return to people with relevant answers.

As a game developer he is creative, and has a flair for coming up with game features, that both fits the gameplay really well and at the same time, has a monetization angle to them in a F2P environment.

As a game balancer he shows great analytical skills, interpreting data in a meaningful way, with a good overview and statistical skill set.

All in all Daryl is a great team player, with a solid set of game development and managing skills, and with a great sense of humor, all which makes me recommend him highly.

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