Stumbled on the Festival Plaza

I had just left Professor Kukui’s lab, caught a Pipipek, Wingull and that Trump-like weasel (HA!) and was about to enter the Trainer School (more tutorial, really?) when I got distracted by the Festival Plaza button in the menu. I pushed it and suddenly find myself in yet another tutorial explaining yet more buildings, mechanics and stuff. It seems very cool, but I couldn’t exit it for about ten minutes and go back to what I was actually doing.

However, the Pokémon I caught are quite cool. I like Pipipek’s design, and I was able to get him to level 7 quite quickly. I also really like the sound of the QR scanner feature, so I found some QR codes for shiny early Pokémon online and scanned them, I’ll try an Island Scan tomorrow and see what that does. I’m sure there’s a tutorial for it. I love the graphics and the feel of the world. Everything has a Pacific island feel to it, and the Pokémon Center background music is particularly notable for being a great remix of a classic track.

So I didn’t get much done today, and it was a mixture of “that’s cool” and “come on, please finish.” I’m anxious to try the replacement Gym Leader mechanic, I’m hoping the island challenges are the shakeup the series needed.