Star Trek Online: Threads of Eden

Made in: Star Trek Online – Foundry

Star Trek Online has a built in tool to allow players to make their own missions. I have used this tool to begin creating a short series of missions that I hope other players enjoy for both their gameplay and Trek-style stories. I have played a lot of Star Trek Online, and when I decided to make my own series of missions using it’s content tool “Foundry”, I wanted to keep away from combat heavy missions which many Foundry developers seemed to favour.

The aim with “Threads of Eden” was to create a short series where the player would interact with characters multiple times, and play though an over-arcing plot that would tie individual missions together. The missions themselves were based on similar ideas as episodes from Star Trek: The Next Generation, in that they would avoid combat and instead be about presenting a problem the player would have to solve through interacting with the world and puzzle solving.

Three episodes are live on Star Trek Online. The first, “Orphaned” serves to introduce the key characters of the series and is the inciting incident for the player’s role in the story. “Premonitions” looks at how the galaxy will be changed if the enemy succeeds. “Encounter” is the first mission to feature story-critical combat in the series.

Below I have uploaded screenshots and explained my design decisions with regards to level design and presenting story in the first mission.

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