Rainbow Harvest – The Next Generation Farming Game

Born out of one of Hugo’s most successful games, Rainbow Harvest is the next step in F2P farm games. It takes inspiration from the current market, but Rainbow Harvest is built to change as the player plays – moving from a single-player story driven experience to a an easily engaged social experience that aims to entertain and retain with a casual market audience.

The core loop of the game is that player craft items, sell them for currency which enables them to craft new items and sell them on. It monetises through time-limited items that are sold for high soft currency or hard currency prices, and the drive for the player to unlock new and better things. The player crafts and trades their way through a fun story with whimsical, cute characters that drive the player to bond with them and explore their world.

Production had begun before I joined the company, so I took charge in order to see it through to launch and beyond. I designed several new features, such as Expeditions, with the aim of differentiating it from other games of the genre and providing new experiences to players. Expeditions, for example, was designed to introduce a light social feature to the game, something that would give players a sense of being part of something bigger than just themselves, without overwhelming those who prefer to play alone.

We began the soft launch at the end of March 2017. We will be using Flurry analytics to monitor the DAU, ARPDAU and which purchases have been made, among other analytics.


I monitor the 1d, 7d and 30d retention of all our games and design new features to improve them where necessary. One example of improving this is that our initial launch does not include a daily lottery feature, but this will be added to improve 7d retention during soft launch.


After Flower Flush launched, we introduced a limited feature where we would target purchases at players that fulfilled certain criteria. For example, lower prices for territories that traditionally do not monetise well. For Rainbow Harvest, we expanded this system to look at the player’s purchase history. The more purchases they made, the fewer ads we would show those particular players and the more appropriate package we could target them with instead. This enables us to present the player with purchase options that suit their gameplay style and purchase history.

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