4 Hours in, my Predictions for “Rise of the Tomb Raider’s” story

I’ve been playing Rise for about 4 hours now and I have really strong feelings that I can predict where the story is going to go. So everything from here on out may contain spoilers or potential spoilers.

First, an offhand prediction I made during the first cutscene that at the very least had the surprise of being then revealed and confirmed as early in the game as it was:

Ana was obviously going to be an antagonist. She’s Lara’s evil step mother who’s only dating her dad to find out what he knows about Rise’s McGuffin. OK, she wasn’t evil to Lara as she grew up, but the woman is apparently ageless (it’s been more than a few years since Lara’s dad died and she looks exactly the same) and she’s now asked a loyal Huntsman (alright, her zealot brother) to kill our honourable Tomb Raider.

Tomb Raider, barely hanging on - again
So, with that easy prediction now proven, what else do I think will happen?

  • Konstantin will be a boss fight at the endgame before the actual real Ana boss fight.
  • Ana will be dying (her apparently long term illness is just about to peak just as the game begins and Lara conveniently gets close to the potential cure, of course) and use the Divine Source which will turn her into some kind of monster. (Pretty much what happened at the end of the last game anyway)
  • Near the end, all of Lara’s allies will turn up to help, then conveniently get cut off from her before they can actually be helpful.
  • Lara will agree to put the Divine Source back instead of changing the world, because who wants to deal with that in the sequel?
  • Lara will nearly be crushed by falling rocks, almost slip of a cliff edge and jump out of another exploding building before the end. All three of these things have actually happened at least twice each so far in the game already at times where the player’s input is meaningless and inconsequential. Think Quick Time Events without the actual responsibility for the player to do anything.
  • Jacob will betray Lara to protect the Divine Source. I’m not really sure this will happen because I can only see it being done in a ham fisted way which makes no sense, but I have a feeling the developers will want to get another plot twist in before the end. Maybe Sophia will betray her instead? I doubt that, I think they would want to avoid having a second female antagonist.
  • Lara will somehow get over her issues with her father. This will happen for no other reason than the fact that the player had been introduced to this issue and the developers probably felt like it should be wrapped up by the end.
  • The bad guys lose and die. Well duh.

That’s it so far. I’ll do a post afterwards to see what I got right and talk about the cliches of video game stories.