Moving on!

I did some Wonder Trading with a few extras I had caught and got some surprisingly good Pokémon, including a Japanese Popplio, so I now have two of the three generation 7 starters, which is pretty damn cool.

The trial was simple enough, and I liked that Captain Ilima recognised I hadn’t used the Z-power and mentioned it in dialogue, though I wonder if I missed out on something by not using it?

I now have the ability call forth and ride a Taurus, which is pretty cool. It seems to be replacing the bike mechanic from previous games with its ability to gallop, and I can use him to break through rocks, replacing the Rock Smash ability from previous games too. So I used Taurus to run around the island and break what I could find, ending up at the Marina boarding the boat for a new island.

So I’m excited to get back to it and explore somewhere new!