MovieStarPlanet HD – MSP’s Tablet App with over 10 million downloads

In Autumn of 2013 I spent my free time redesigning the main UI for the web game. When I presented it, I was offered the opportunity to design a new tablet app based on my design. In order to release as soon as possible I designed the app to take the existing feature set and screens from the phone app and put them on top of a tablet sized interface in the style of the web game. This allowed us to develop on web and tablet at the same time.

It also presented a number of challenges. I had to ensure that:

  1. The player avatar can be easily viewed. MovieStarPlanet is all about creating your own identity and how you look is a major part of that.
  2. The players resources, their StarCoins (soft currency), Diamonds (hard currency) and Fame (XP), need to be visible in all locations where they can be spent or earned.
  3. I minimised the cost of bringing web features to the tablet. MSP web has a unique aspect ratio which I could not change and the tablet and web versions of each feature had to be compatible with each other.

I chose to put all the web features in a designated space on the screen, altering interface elements only when absolutely required. An example of this is the tablet chatrooms, featured below.

We developed initially for an iOS release. Android tablets generally use 16:9 or 16:10 ratios, with some space designated for the Android navigation bar. In order to use the space, I moved the web features from being vertically centred to align into the top right corner of the screen, maximising the height. This meant the resource bar became vertically stacked and everything fell nicely into place at a decent size even on the smaller 7″ tablets.

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