Flower Flush – A Hugo Match 3 Puzzle

I took the reigns on Flower Flush at the beginning of 2016 and helped guide it through soft launch and onto world release. We frequently update it with new features and new levels.



In order to improve our ARPDAU (Average Revenue Per Daily Active User), I experimented with different packages and different purchase points in the user flow.

We offered several items for purchase:

  • Extra lives
  • Extra moves to use in levels
  • Special powerups that can be used during play to make playing the level easier
  • In-game currency to spend on the above items

I created a number of packages that featured different combinations of the above items. I monitored the sales performance of each package to iterate on what was offered in each pack.


In order to improve user access to purchases, I identified points in the player flow where purchases are required, such as after failing a level, and offered packages based on the player’s purchase history and the reason why they failed the level (out of moves, have some extra moves!).

This allows us to pitch sales to players that are appropriate to their needs, when they need them.

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