Customised trainer!

I reached the first city in the game and I like it. It feels like a nice size, plenty of grassy areas inside it which is a nice change and there’s plenty to explore. I don’t like that the grabbed kept grabbing my hand to force me into “story”. Hopefully, that’s over now.

I met the first Trial Captain and had a battle. I really like that we had a little battle, but the trial is still ahead. I really liked the she used Smeargle, which was strong considering I haven’t been grinding yet, and it also managed to learn my Wingull’s Water Gun to beat me first time round, and very nearly beat me again second time round. Thank god for my Alohan Rattata’s Quick Attack. It was actually a really interesting battle because that Pokémon learning Water Gun came back to get me twice.

I also customised my trainer, which is an old feature returning. I really, really hate that you can’t preview a haircut and colour first. I wasted 5000 Pokédollars on something I absolutely hated.

But now Route 2 is open and I’m very much looking forward to find out what the Trial entails.