Product Manager @ Hugo Games

Product Manager, October 2015 – present

Hugo the Troll is a longstanding beloved Danish children’s TV character. Nowadays, Hugo brings together players of all ages in a number of mobile games that we develop. Hugo Games works with developers from around the world to develop a large portfolio of games.

As Creative Director and Product Manager, I am responsible for the games developed internally. I currently manage several projects, both in development and live, including Flower Flush,  which released in early 2016. I am also responsible for two yet-to-be-announced Free-To-Play games currently in development.

Using Invision to prototype UX flows

Invision ( is a web tool for prototyping UX flows. I’ve used it for several projects over the years, and found it to be a brilliant way of showcasing a mockup to a stakeholder during greenlight meetings. This project – – is an example of an interactive prototype for an example project.

Rainbow Harvest – The Next Generation Farming Game

Rainbow Harvest is the next step in F2P farm games. It takes inspiration from the current market, but Rainbow Harvest is built to change as the player plays – moving from a single-player story driven experience to a an easily engaged social experience that aims to entertain and retain with a casual market audience.

Flower Flush – A Hugo Match 3 Puzzle

I took the reigns on Flower Flush at the beginning of 2016 and helped guide it through soft launch and onto world release. We frequently update it with new features and new levels.