Bonsters – The New, Cuter, More Retentive Pets

There were pets in MovieStarPlanet long before I started, but after playing with it I realised we could do a lot better. Branding the new system as “Bonsters”, I redesigned the interaction system using the same actions as before but rebalanced into a Tamagotchi-esque system to encourage players to come back each day but without
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MovieStarPlanet HD – Tablet Chatrooms

As a social network, chatrooms are one of the most important features in MovieStarPlanet. The  phone app chatrooms have static avatars and limited functionality. We ported movement, scaling and speech bubble ideas from the web chatrooms, but I moved the text input field above the chatroom rather than below. This means that when the keyboard
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Other Features

I was also responsible for: Animation selector for chatrooms and movie studio The press website for MSP apps Beauty Clinic – the makeup studio feature for avatars Careers – a quest system I took over when it entered development Improvements to the Create and Rate daily retention feature VIP Tiers on tablet – the new
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