Bonsters – The New, Cuter, More Retentive Pets

There were pets in MovieStarPlanet long before I started, but after playing with it I realised we could do a lot better. Branding the new system as “Bonsters”, I redesigned the interaction system using the same actions as before but rebalanced into a Tamagotchi-esque system to encourage players to come back each day but without intruding on their school schedule. Optimally, players should log on twice a day, but there’s no loss if they cannot do so, it just takes longer to level up. Levelling up grows the pet to an even better growth stage and unlocks fun animations to use in movies and chatrooms.

MSP Bonster Web

Boonie interaction web popup

In collaboration with the fantastic artist on my team, we created a new pet system that could allow for clothing and animation sales just like the game’s avatars.

Since we released, the Bonsters have proven to be a huge success with the players. With use of metrics, I hope MSP can further refine the system in the future.

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