About Me

Originally from London, I now live in Copenhagen as Product Manager at Hugo Games. My role is to ensure our apps performs at and above expectations through project management and game design.

You can download my CV here

My previous positions include Lead Game Designer on premium mobile puzzle game Machineers and Game Designer at MovieStarPlanet, a social online game for tweens. I have been responsible for a wide range or projects of various scales working in teams large and small.  It is through these projects and positions that I have developed an understanding of all aspects of development, from 2D and 3D art creation to programming, marketing, project management and, of course, design.

This allows me a great sense of project and task scope, and it means I can communicate across disciplines, which is handy when the artists and programmers have trouble understanding each other.

I firmly believe that to make great games you need to dedicate yourself as part of a great team. Regardless of platform or target demographic, I’m always passionate about the projects I work on, and I think that shows in the final product.

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