Sometimes, I write about games

As a game designer I love the medium. I also love discussing the games I play, so here I write down my thoughts about them.

As a Product Manager, I make games on a daily basis. I really love talking about game development too.

Deus Ex Go: Going, going, gone too soon.

It’s good, but won’t hold your interest for long. Yet for some reason, they have some oddly forced retention ideas in here.

My “Rules” of Game Development

A growing list of “rules” I use when developing games.

4 Hours in, my Predictions for “Rise of the Tomb Raider’s” story

Lara’s barely hanging on… again.

And I think I can see where this story is going, and I really hope I’m wrong.

A comment on the predictability of game stories.

My Favourite Gaming Moments

A collection of my favourite gaming moments from the last couple of years. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but I think there’s a nice variety of experiences here.

Fallout Shelter review

Fallout 4 is coming, so here’s a mobile game to get you in the mood for it.

And it actually worked.

Has the DLC situation really gotten this bad? Updates, “For Free.”

When we start advertising our games with Free Updates, DLC has gone too far.

My “Rules” of Game Design

A growing list of “rules” I use when designing games.

2014 Games in Review

This is a look back on the more notable games I’ve played in 2014. These weren’t necessary released this year, but that’s when I played them.

The Not-Quite-Amazing Spider-Man 2 game

The title says it all. A game I wanted to love, and it just wouldn’t let me.

Tomb Raider – The new Lara Croft

Finally, a Tomb Raider I can fall in love with.

The Player’s Story, a look at Dear Esther and Mass Effect

I look at the way story is presented in indie game: Dear Esther, and the Mass Effect trilogy.

The Magic of Skyrim, and what I would’ve liked to see

Skyrim has a beautiful world and a somewhat engaging storyline. It’s how they handle magic that disappoints me. I wish it could actually have some effect on the world.

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