Hi, I'm Daryl

I’m a Product Manager with 4 years of experience working with some of Denmark’s most notable gaming brands. My product manager skills have been honed by a career and an education in project management, game design and programming, allowing me to develop keen development, planning and market analysis skills.

Deus Ex Go: Going, going, gone too soon.

It's good, but won't hold your interest for long. Yet for some reason, they have some oddly forced retention ideas in here.

My “Rules” of Game Development

A growing list of "rules" I use when developing games.

Lead Game Designer @ Lohika

As Lead Designer in a tiny company, I was responsible for puzzles, the story, the sandboxes and the racetracks players can play around in.

My “Rules” of Game Design

A growing list of "rules" I use when designing games.

The Player’s Story, a look at Dear Esther and Mass Effect

I look at the way story is presented in indie game: Dear Esther, and the Mass Effect trilogy.